ABAG GIS Data Catalog

The purpose of this Data Catalog is to provide the public with access to geographic data produced by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG). Links or contact information are included for public, third-party data used in ABAG projects. Users who wish to either download or access geographic data agree to understand and abide by the conditions of the ABAG GIS Terms of Use.

All ABAG data in this catalog is referenced to the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) system, Zone 10 North, using the NAD83 datum.

Other GIS data links are provided by the Metropolitan Tranportation Commission and the State of California.

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Priority Development Areas (Current) - This feature set contains changes made to Priority Development Areas since the adoption of Plan Bay Area. DO NOT USE this feature set for mapping or analysis related to Plan Bay Area.
Priority Development Areas (current)    
Plan Bay Area (adopted by ABAG and MTC executive boards on July 18, 2013)
Priority Development Areas (Plan Bay Area)   Plan Bay Area 2010-2040 Forecast by PDA
Rural Community Investment Areas (RCIAs) and Employment Investment Areas (EIAs) were not included in Plan Bay Area as priority locations for new development, but will be an important part of creating a long-term sustainable regional growth pattern. RCIAs are not anticipated to achieve the same housing densities or level of job growth as Priority Development Areas (PDAs), but complement PDAs by focusing the limited future development of rural communities within the urban footprint. EIAs are centers of office and light industrial development that can be enhanced through improved access to transit and other non-motorized transportation networks.
Employment Investment Areas   Rural Community Investment Areas
Priority Conservation Areas
Priority Conservation Areas (current)    
Residential Permits (2014) - Shapefile   Residential Permits (2015) - Shapefile
Residential Permits (2014) - Attribute Table   Residential Permits (2015) - Attribute Table
Regional Housing Need Assessment (2007-2014) - Housing Opportunity Sites   Regional Housing Need Assessment (2015-2023) - Housing Opportunity Sites
Other Planning
Region General Plans (2006)   Subregional Study Areas (2007)
SSAs used for Projections 2007, Projections 2009, Plan Bay Area, and Projections 2013

If you are looking for hazard features used by ABAG, they can be downloaded from the Resilience Program's Open Data page.